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Treating patients with more than 30 years of knowledge
and experience in dentistry!

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Visting a dentist in Japan should not be a painful or scary experience.

At Kazumi Kay Dental Clinic, we specialize and offer procedures with minimal pain
so that you may relieve yourself of any dental troubles or inferiorities.

We also provide consultation in English to patients so that you are fully aware the treatment being provided.

  1. General Practice
  2. Aesthetic Dentistry Treatment
    • Teeth Whitening
      • Whitens teeth without scraping the enamel. (We have offered this procedure since 1984. Our experience in excess of 26 doesn't require an explanation.)
    • Teeth Cleaning
      • This treatment removes food and cigarette tar stains from teeth, returning it to it's original white condition. Outcome may vary depending on condition of original teeth.
    • Laminate Venir and Direct Bonding treatment available as optional treatment.
    • Non-Clasp Denture
    • Dental Face Lift
  3. Counseling
    • Major ailments can be found and treated at an early stage if you commit yourself to periodic checks. We will only proceed with the treatment after a thorough counseling session, and only with your full consent. No problem is too small for us when it comes to your oral health. Let us help you solve your oral problems so that you may lead a healthy, carefree oral life.
  4. Dental Check up
    • Dental Check (Cavity, Periodontitis, Furred Tongue, Occulusal, Crooked Teeth
      • See any problems we find for yourself with the use of our dental scope.
    • Basic Cleaning (Removing tartar and light impurities)
    • Professional Cleaning of Teeth
      • Professional cleaning service offered as optional treatment.
    • Teeth Brushing Technique Check
    • Guidance and Consultation of Oral Care
  5. Implantology Treatment

Kazumi Kay Dental Clinic
Dr. Kazumi Kubo C.D., D.D.S
4-28-26 Minami Aoyama
Minato Ward, Tokyo Japan
(Various Health Insurance Accepted)

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